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My visits to the darkest sites on the deep web.

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This is originally a post I made on /nosleep. Due to demand and the fact it got removed for not being for the type of subreddit /nosleep is, I will be posting it here.
I've always had a really sparked interest in what is commonly known as the Deep Web. For an explanation on the Deep Web that I have found to be helpful, feel free to go here. The point of this post is not, though, to act as a guide to the deep web, or to provide an explanation of what it is. NoSleep is not /deepweb or /advice, but a place to share horror stories. And though the deep web has some good uses, it also has an incredibly dark side too it. The dark web is a small corner of the deep web, containing the stereotypical content (bulk drugs, CP, etc.) that the deep web is notorious for. I took my first steps into this little excavation of mine into the darkest parts of anonymous sites under the surface of web browsing in an attempt to undermine the stereotype that the deep web is more a home to dark, illegal websites then anything good. Well, I came out of this with more then I could have ever expected, and now my view on humanity in general has forever been changed. The start of the... "trip"? It took me quite a while (3-4 weeks) to get enough information to start really delving deep into what I will now refer to as the dark web, the small corner of the deep web that is basically the 'house of horrors'. Lots of talking around, honing information from chatrooms, and taking lots of notes. Even had to make a couple of phone calls to some more then shady individuals, not a comfortable experience. By the end of my trek of gathering as much information possible at the time and getting a good contact list, I took my first steps into the, 'outer layer' of the dark web, so to speak. The hard part is that once you get deeper, a lot of sites have ever changed URL's, extensive invitation queue's, and at times, pricey entrance costs that may or may not end up as cash spent on a phony operation. A lot of it is luck, meeting people at the right time and place, and taking good notes. I had a good streak of luck and took good notes, enough to get me to the places I entered. But what I did notice is that once I got into the first site that I will next talk about, it became much easier to get into other sites, as it was much more freely talked about and information was passed around much more. Chatrooms in the dark web = information honey hole. 1st Site: centrix{} I knew I had broken the barrier when I got into centrix{}. I'm just going to call it centrix and leave out those annoying little brackets that are annoying to type. Back on track, centrix was one of the more well-known, 'general markets', so to speak. A good example to compare it too would be Agoratha or Silk Road. Now, centrix, from what I hoarded via lots of questions on the chat room over the course of a couple days, has been around for about 11 months and has been untouched by any means of being shut down. Which surprises me, because it has everything from Agoratha or Silk Road, but to a much greater extent and a lot more variety. What some sites dedicate their whole selling product to be, centrix had sub-categories for. Just a brief few examples: -Snuff films -Bulk drugs, all varieties -Fake everything, ID's/licenses/you name it -A very censored section of CP -Various illegally obtained memberships (Netflix, porn, etc.) The list goes on. Another thing that is a bit chilling is the fact that they took a great effort to crack down on scams. The big deal on sites like Agoratha or Silk Road, they have a lot of scam vendors. This site didn't, and they had a lot of proof to back it up that I will not go into detail on. (samples, intros, etc.) I also met a guy in a chatroom that was nice, as far as that goes for an active dark web user like himself, who verified/hashed some of the links I had collected and vaguely sent me in the direction of other sites for my personal use. This was a great help, and led me to my next site, which from the illegality and general morale of the site, is what I consider the next layer or gate into the dark web. 2nd Site: BrinkWarehouse.otc Yay, a site with a normal-ish name. BrinkWarehouse was actually quite fascinating, not horrific to an extent, but had a different kind of dark backlash. BrinkWarehouse, a virtual warehouse of textual guides, notes, leaked documents, torrented books (one that was released online a day after it was published, quite a popular author). Now, at a summary this might seem alright, but take into account that the guides included things like "How to make a drone-based homemade explosive" and "How to kidnap adolescence in their sleep". Illegal leaked documents galore, anywhere from U.S. classified cases to foreign affairs. Also included guides on illegally modifying weapons, joining terrorist groups, guides to scripting and nulling bank accounts, so on and so forth. Not a fun site. The next site I headed to is where it starts to get formally creepy, and where I found it necessary to post this on NoSleep. The Site with No Name I got access to this site, which I consider to be the start of the darkest of the dark web of the deep web (phew, that is a mouth full), from francestern344, who was in a chatroom on, a very common deep web chatroom site that most of you have probably already stopped in. Well, talk comes to talk, and we end of up the topic of snuff films. How common they are, where they are usually filmed and why, etc. I get his trust, we resume this chat in a private room that he had (0.10 BTC for a private chatroom), and keep in mind that only getting information was my main reason for chatting, I am not 'into' snuff films, though they do fascinate me. We talked for a good 20 minutes before, without me having to even ask, hooked me up with a site. We are just going to use a tidbit of the sites all-# URL to name it, so 5611 it is. Now, this site, 5611, required an invite, extensive registration, questioning, and a 1-on-1 meeting with what I assumed was a site directoadmin. He/she was one harsh motherfucker, and the stern punishments for breaking the sites rules was laid out. The guy who invited me, francestern344, I guess was a long-timer on 5611, who had permission to let me take a tour of the site. Now, I did ask for a formal site name for future reference (aka so I didn't have to name it 5611), and he said that the site had no name, and that it was purely based to display it's content and moderate membership. The title, he said, would only make it easier to identity, which they did not want to happen. 5611 had a small membership that, he said, the runners of the site tried to cater too very fondly, as membership is 1.588 BTC monthly, approx. $355 USD. Upon entering the site, I had to check the "Are you older then 18" box for the 5th time since I started getting signed up. Finally, I was in. The sites design was bland and blocky, with a pure white background and very blocky, close together writing. In the top right corner, there where the options to log out, add funds to my balance, and then a small wallet emoticon that displayed an empty BTC client-side balance. But that was barely on my mind, my mind was on the center of the screen. In a single row down the center of the screen, single frames with captions and a description took up most of the screen. The top one had a still of a table with various blades and blunt weapons laid out, the title "24 yr F, sleeping, sugg. death" with a 2.25 BTC price tag along the side. A timer in green text was counting down. "11:51" "11:50" "11:49". Under the timer, in the same green font, was "78/100". A couple seconds later, the 78 turned into a 79. Realization hit me in the face like a bat. This was a paid snuff site. With a shaky hand, I scrolled down through the seemingly endless snapshots and captions. One caught my eye: "QUICK WATCH. HOMELESS. 0.22 BITCOIN. LARGE VIEW. LOW Q" It was like an attention whoring YouTube title, but it seemed to be working. In the eerie green font, 783/1000 was displayed, a jaw-dropping number in my eyes. I decided this needed to be documented, so I did a quick transaction, put .30 BTC in my site wallet, and clicked on the arrow to enter. It took a minute or two to complete the transaction, and after about a 5 minute buffer, I was in the 'showing'. There was no chatbox, only a slightly lighter border of grey and static. The same green timer was now in the bottom right of the screen. "3" "2" "1". The squared blurred revealing a city street. What seemed to be Arabic writing was on various shop signs and advertisements. Light from a streetpost gave a fuzzy glow to the scene. The cameraman, from the position of the camera, seemed to be leaning against a wall, the shot focused on a dinky red junker on the streets curb. From the side of the cameras view, a gloved finger points towards the entrance of a dark alley, where a man lays on his side, like a breathing pile of rags, obviously homeless and alone. The finger makes a motion towards the car, and three men quietly exit the car and walk along the storefronts towards the sleeping homeless figure. The quality is totally shit, but the scene can still be made out and is enhancing by my horrid imagination about what is to come. About 5 meters from the homeless victim, the lanky group of thugs pull out plain white theatre masks from their jackets, take out various small weapons, and pounce around the corner on to the innocent, unsuspecting victim. The camera picks up the quick shuffling of feet as the camera man runs towards the scene, catching the thugs thrashing and stomping the man from his slumber. "Cut him up." The camera mans thickly accented voice commands the thugs, who begin to slash the victim at a wild speed, like hyenas tearing into caught prey. Blood sprays onto the wall and onto the thugs white masks. It is horrible, my stomach barely holds on. I can't take it. Logging off Tor, I take a few more security measures and shut off my computer, taking some deep breathes and sipping from a Coors light. My last visit on the dark web: CandyPalace I logged on about a week later, and never thought to go back on 5611. I never contacted anyone from my past sites, and I knew in my heart that this would be my last visit to any site on the deep web. I was thoroughly encouraged to not go on, because with 5611, that had really been in my mind that last straw. I had proven to myself that the dark web, even though it has some good parts, is really just a beacon of humanities horrific actions. I had proven to myself that sites like 5611 and the other sites exist. But I just felt the need to cover the last huge part of the dark web that is in my mind the worst of it all. Child pornography. CandyPalace is a huge site, do some digging and get some sources, you will find it. From the videos, I have come to the conclusion that it is all hosted in one location in a foreign country. I always wondered that if there are all these snuff films and child sex slave dungeons that are often spoken about, that there would have to be a suitable amount of missing children cases and unsolved murder cases to go along with them. Some research and asking around concluded that many of the filmed murders and child porn director rings are in fact in foreign countries, where getting away with these kinds of actions is a 'piece of cake' in the words of an aspiring director in a CandyPalace chat room. I will not go into specific detail about any one video on CandyPalace, only will lay out some basic stats and descriptions and let you find the rest if you so please: -The main chatroom had several hundred chatters in total between the various sub-chats. -They actually had a very detailed profile of each child, an example was Tatasa, 9 years old, black hair, and then included a list of, if I remember correctly, 83 videos she starred in and counting. -The children where usually smothered in make-up and, besides for what seemed like a designated 2-3 'stars', not extremely physically hurt via evident beating. -Double penetration, binding, gay, forced 1-1, knife, roleplay, chamber, and dungeon where the top video tags. Each video has 1-2+ tags. If I remember correctly, there where a total of 17 'stars'. Nobody ever brought up anything about if they are kidnapped/imported/imprisoned. All anybody cared about was watching, so getting information on that topic was hard. Most of the scenes are filmed in various sets, such as era-styled dungeons, surgery rooms, etc. No grimy bedrooms or warehouses or basements. Nothing that fits the common stereotype. It was basically PornHub with a pink-white-black color scheme and 6-12 year olds. It is a nightmare. Conclusion I never look at people the same. Throughout taking this research-oriented trip through the dark web, my view on humanity has been changed. Every video I watched in the name of research chinked away at my emotions, often left me crying. Curiosity broke me, and it has been nearly a year since I have full recovered. This is my, I guess case file for my research on this subject. Now before you launch Tor and find these sites, please know. There is nothing enjoyable, entertaining, or at all suitable content on this network. You will be left in tears, you will be scarred, and worst of all... you will never view others again. Please refrain from PM'ing me about this subject unless you have certain details or past experiences you would like to privately share. EDIT Wow, woke up to 34 comments in my inbox! :D Thank you guys for all the feedback, good to know that at least I went through this for something. EDIT This worked out much better than I anticipated. If this is not allowed, let me know, but I have created a strawpoll here, so if you guys really want more stories of different sites on the dark web that I looked through, please let me know. I also have done studying into the dark side of craigslist, etc. EDIT So, you guys voted that you want to see more insights on other dark web sites. I was not intending for this to be a series, but I guess it is turning into one in some sense. I will hopefully compose a second post that mainly consists of sights and their descriptions. Here is a link to, if you want, vote on the types of sites you want me to talk about. I have a set few I will already include, but this is more informative then for my own personal writing experience, so I want you guys to select what you want to know about.
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BIP for PoP URI scheme | Kalle Rosenbaum | Jun 06 2015

Kalle Rosenbaum on Jun 06 2015:
Following earlier posts on Proof of Payment I'm now proposing the following
BIP for a Proof of Payment URI scheme (To read it formatted instead, go to
Kalle Rosenbaum
Title: Proof of Payment URI scheme
Author: Kalle Rosenbaum <kalle at>
Status: Draft
Type: Standards Track
== Abstract ==
This is a proposal for a URI scheme to be used in the Proof of Payment
== Motivation ==
To make a Proof of Payment, the party that wants the proof needs to
transfer a Proof of Payment request to the wallet software of the
other party. To facilitate that transfer, a new URI scheme
representing the PoP request is proposed. This URI can then be encoded
in QR images or sent over NFC in order to transfer it to the wallet.
== Specification ==
The specification is the same as BIP0021, with the following
the PoP. This could for example be a https: URL or a mailto:
the transaction to prove.
Just as in BIP0021, elements of the query component may contain
characters outside the valid range. These must first be encoded
according to UTF-8, and then each octet of the corresponding UTF-8
sequence must be percent-encoded as described in RFC 3986.
All parameters except p and n are hints to the
wallet on which transaction to create a PoP for.
The extensibility of BIP0021 applies to this scheme as well. For
example, a date parameter or a toaddr parameter
might be useful. req-* parameters are also allowed and obey
the same rules as in BIP0021, clients not supporting a req-*
parameter must consider the URI invalid.
=== Keep URIs short ===
Implementations should keep the URIs as short as possible. This is
because it makes QR decoding more stable. A camera with a scratched
lens or low resolution may run into problems scanning huge QR
codes. This is why the txid parameter is encoded in Base58
instead of the classic hex encoded string. We get away with 44
characters instead of 64. Also, the nonce parameter is Base58
encoded for the same reason.
== Interpretation ==
=== Transaction hints ===
The wallet processing the URI must use the hints in the PoP request to
filter its transaction set. The label, amount and
message parameters must, if present in the URI, exactly match
the data associated with the original payment according to the
following table:
| btcpop: URI parameter || bitcoin: URI parameter ||
BIP70 PaymentDetails data
| label || label ||
| amount || amount ||
sum of outputs.amount
| message || message ||
The txid parameter value must match the transaction hash of
the payment.
After filtering, the resulting transaction set is displayed to the
user who selects one of them to prove. An implementation could also
automatically select a transaction in the filtered set, but
there must still be a way for the user to select freely among the
matching transactions. If the filtered set is empty, no transaction
fits the hints and a message about that is presented to the user. If
the filtered set contains exactly one transaction, which is
preferable, that transaction can be automatically selected.
As a fallback, there must also be a way for the user to select any
transaction from the wallet regardless of the transaction hints. This
can be useful if the metadata of the wallet is lost, possibly due to a
restore from backup.
=== PoP destination p ===
The p parameter value is the destination where to send the
PoP to. This destination is typically a https: URL or a
http: URL, but it could be any type of URI, for example
mailto:. To keep btcpop: URIs short, users should
not make their p parameter unneccesarily long.
==== http: and https: URLs ====
Wallet implementations must support the http: and
https: schemes in which case POST method must be
used. The content type of the POST request must be set to
Content-Type: application/bitcoin-pop
Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary
== Examples ==
Send PoP for a transaction with label "video 42923" to>, using nonce 0x73 0xd5
0x1a 0xbb 0xd8 0x9c:
btcpop:?p= 42923
Send PoP through mail using
mailto:pop at, amount is 13370000
satoshis, nonce is 0x6f 0xe 0xfb 0x68 0x92 0xf9. Note that
the ? before subject is OK according to RFC3986,
since the query part starts from the first ?:
btcpop:?p=mailto:pop at;=xJdKmEbr&amount;=0.1337
Send PoP for transaction with id
to pizza place at>
using nonce 0xfc 0xcc 0x2c 0x35 0xf0 0xb8
== Reference implementation ==
[ poppoc on GitHub]
[ Mycelium fork on GitHub]
== References ==
[ BIP21]: URI
[[Proof of Payment BIP]]
[ RFC3986]: Uniform Resource Identifier
(URI): Generic Syntax
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Database Tutorial for Beginners - YouTube How Many Bitcoin Should You Own? - YouTube SONA: Bitcoin, isa sa maraming uri ng Cryptocurrency - YouTube SuperExtreme Unzensiert - YouTube WARNING: Cryptocurrency Scams and Ponzi Schemes Everywhere! is the most popular place to securely buy, store, and trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top cryptocurrencies. Wallet; Exchange; Explorer; Log In Sign Up. The World's Most Popular Way to Buy, Hold, and Use Crypto. Trusted by 51M Wallets - with Over $620 Billion in Transactions - Since 2013 . Get Started. The Easiest and Most Powerful Crypto Wallet. Create A Wallet Learn More ... The Bitcoin wallet key generator scam scheme. A YouTube channel going by the name Crypto World has 341 subscribers, and the first videos emerged ten months ago. While the subscriber count s relatively low, the top viewed videos collected around 700-800 views. The video shows a full process of generating the private keys of a particular Bitcoin wallet account and a full process of a break-in ... At first, scammers tried to get you to wire them money.Then, they demanded payment with gift cards.Now, scammers are luring people into paying them with Bitcoin – a type of digital money or cryptocurrency.Read on to learn how to spot and avoid some of the top ways scammers are trying to get you to pay with Bitcoin. The US said federal agents have seized millions of dollars in bitcoin from terrorist groups al-Qaeda and Hamas . Katie Canales. 2020-08-14T18:38:50Z The letter F. An envelope. It indicates the ... Yes, your Mac’s camera can be hacked, but in the case of the porn blackmail scam, we have no indication that the threat is real. The video the scammer’s claim to have of you is not real. It doesn’t exist.

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Database Tutorial for Beginners - YouTube

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